5 Exercises In The Suburbs

yogaLiving conditions in the suburb may be a lot different if you compare it to living life in the city. There is less stress, less traffic, lower crime rate yet more space for you and your family to grow. Although you may be far away from the city, the truth is, there are still several activities that you can do in the suburb for recreation and for you to continue in keeping yourself fit. Especially when combined with workout supplements, these exercises can be really effective. All you have to do is find something that you enjoy doing because you actually have several options.


Riding the bicycle in the suburbs could be a joy. You could get fresh air and enjoy the neighborhood. What you can do is to check if your local community if they have bike paths that you can take if you decide to do this on a regular basis.


Running has several health benefits. It can improve your cardiovascular fitness, strengthen your muscles and it can help you burn fats.


If you love the water then this is perfect for you. You can burn from 500-700 calories in an hour depending on your work out. What’s good about swimming is that you don’t really need much except for your swimsuit, cap and a good pair of goggles. Find out the nearest pool in your community where you can swim at. This exercise will not only burn your calories but you will be able to build lean muscles that could speed up your metabolism.


Nothing can be more perfect than practicing yoga in a serene environment. You won’t necessarily need any equipment. All you need to do is find a good yoga instructor to help you get started. Yoga can improve your balance, flexibility and strength.


If you are not too athletic, you can perhaps start with walking. Walk around your neighborhood. Take your dogs for a walk or bring your kids outside. You may want to progress to doing brisk walking and later running.