Why Tanning Salons Should Be Avoided

Tanning SalonA tan is the skin’s response to exposure to UV radiation. When the skin is exposed to the UV rays, it produces a brown pigment in order to prevent it from being exposed further, thus the appearance of the tan. It is the skin’s defense mechanism in order to keep it from being damaged. Too much exposure to the UV radiation could pose a risk in the health of individuals. Because we were told to go out and stay under the sun for a long time, most people resort to using tanning salons without knowing that it is more harmful.

The indoor tanning equipment emits both UVA and UVB radiation. The UVB rays cause sunburn and the UVB rays penetrates deeper and is linked to melanoma. The amount of UV rays produced by these equipment is similar to that of the sun and sometimes even stronger. Extended use of these tanning salons generally result in damaged skin which can be very hard if not impossible to repair down the line.

Over the years, studies have been made and the results are both disturbing and alarming.

  • Each session at the tanning salon increases your risk of melanoma by 1.5% and it continues to add up depending on how early you started tanning and how often you do it.
  • Indoor tanning can be addicting. This means frequent trips to the tanning salon and increasing your risk of melanoma as a result.
  • Indoor tanning not only increases your risk of melanoma but of the two other skin cancers as well, namely basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) labelled the indoor tanning device as carcinogenic to humans. This puts them in the same class as tobacco.

It doesn’t matter now what your reasons are for going to the tanning salon. Given the risks involve, it’s time that you ask yourself this question, “Is this even worth risking your life?”