Healthy Snacks that You Should Always Keep in Your Home

FruitSnacking can be the downfall of the best, most carefully planned diet. Although you may take note of all that you eat during breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it’s those unplanned and unexpected snacks throughout the day that can lead to extra calories and extra weight. However, if you’re smart about your snacking, grabbing a quick bite in between meals doesn’t have to be detrimental. The best way in which to make sure your healthy eating habits stay on track is to surround yourself with diet-friendly snacks. Try keeping the following foods in your home at all times to ensure your snacks are great for your body and your weight.


You know that fruit is a healthy option, so why not turn to this varied selection of options when you’re craving a snack? Full of natural, diet-friendly sugars and available in soft, chewy, crunchy, and, of course, fresh, there’s no downside to eating fruit. Choose an entire apple, a banana, or even handfuls of berries.

Greek Yogurt

Yogurt may seem like a breakfast food rather than a quick midday snack, but with a balance of protein and creamy deliciousness, it’s perfect when your stomach is rumbling. Grab a Greek yogurt when your afternoon hunger strikes, and you’ll be snacking on 18 grams of protein and a mere 100 calories. Low in calories and low in fat, it’s an excellent snack option that even comes in single-serve portions to make life easier.


Nuts of any kind are an excellent snack option, but if you’re looking to keep your eating habits and your heart healthy, walnuts are best. Filled with heart-healthy omega-3 vitamins, but they help you to feel full after eating just half a cup – meaning you can snack until you’re content, but still eat less than you would of other snacks. Eating walnuts helps strengthen the heart while also reducing inflammation of the arteries.

Protein Bars

Granola bars are an easy to eat and easy to grab snack that you can carry anywhere. However, granola bars aren’t exactly enough to keep you from snacking yet again in just a few hours. Instead, have protein bars handy – they’re an excellent and a real energy food snack that will help you feel full. They’re also made from healthy ingredients like nuts, granola, dried fruit, and even peanut butter to make for a well-rounded snack.