How To Determine If A Suburb Is Exercise Friendly


The environment or the community that you live in plays a role in the amount of physical activity that you can do. The residents’ activity levels often increase if there are several amenities and facilities in the neighborhood that will encourage them to get out of the house and engage in physical activity. This is something that you should consider when scouting a neighborhood simply because of the amount of benefits that you and your family can get by being active.

Increase in physical activity would mean improving your health, your strength, blood circulation and your cholesterol levels. It means having more energy to be with your family and your kids. It releases stress and tension. And because you are at your optimum health and your ideal weight, your self-image as well as your self-confidence will improve.

Doing physical activities together as a family will bring you closer together. You are able to create beautiful memories and nothing could be better than that. But really, how do spot an exercise-friendly suburb?

There is a park in the neighborhood. A park is a good place to walk your dog or stroll around with your partner. Parks with playgrounds are even better because then it will encourage your kids, young as they are, to go out and interact with other kids instead of sitting inside the house and playing video games.

The existence of bike trails is an indication that the neighborhood encourage physical activities and it values the safety of the bike riders. Let’s face it. Some people would rather ride a bike than take a walk.

There is a local gym or local pool that is accessible to the residents. The gym could provide small sports classes like swimming, martial arts and even Yoga, strength training or Pilates. So you may be more worried about getting stretch marks from working out then not keeping fit and healthy. Which is a good thing to worry about if you ask me.

Each person has its own preference when it comes to the kind of physical activity that they want to engage in. The most important thing is that the suburb is able to provide the residents with options so they will be more encouraged in pursuing what they want to do.